Seroprevalence to Leptospira spp., And Neospora caninum in herds of the Loja canton.


  • Franklin Román-Cárdenas Universidad Estatal de Bolívar
  • Franco Cordero Salazar Universidad Estatal de Bolívar
  • Andrés Mora Universidad Estatal de Bolívar
  • Pablo Ramón Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja



Neospora caninum, Leptospira spp., Zoonosis, abortion


Leptospirosis and neosporosis are abortive diseases in cattle, the first, a zoonosis caused by leptospires, the second by a protozoan Neospora caninum emerging disease in dogs. The objectives were to determine the seroprevalence of cattle to Neospora caninum and leptospira spp. Bovine serum samples were used, the determination of antibodies to Neospora caninum by cELISA and of leptospira spp., by MAT, for the confirmation of oocysts of Neospora caninum the Teleman stool test was performed, in the case of seropositives to leptospira spp., a second sample was obtained, 956 samples from 158 UPAs were analyzed, 19.35% were seroprevalent to Neospora caninun, to leptospira spp., a seroprevalence of 74.83%, with titers of 1/400 to the first sample of 28% and with titers of 1/800 0.2%, the paired sample yielded titles of 1/400 in 28% of the samples, a seroprevalence of 19.17% for both diseases, in the surroundings of the San Sebastián parish, there is a greater probability of identifying leptospires and in Jimbilla neosporas.


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